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What Accessories Do You Need for Metal Detecting

Yes, there are metal detecting accessories. Whether or not you need any of them is completely
up to you. I have learned over time that there are quite a few metal detecting accessories that I
just can’t live without. You could call them the “simple bare necessities.” That reminds me of a

Just like the initial metal detecting purchase, there are two ways that you can go about getting
accessories. You can wait and see which ones you actually need, or you can go out and purchase every one in existence. There is nothing like being properly prepared, but on the other hand, there is such a thing as too much.

Believe it or not, metal detecting can get tiring. You want to lighten the load, or you may not be able to hunt for extended periods of time. It is a good idea to start out with just some of the basics and work your way up as you go. Here are some of the basic metal detecting

  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Water
  • Food or snacks
  • Sunblock
  • Recovery tools

This is just a basic list of what I call the essentials. There are plenty more accessories out there that you may or may not need. Here are some of the other common metal detecting accessories on the market.

Waterproof Cell Phone Case

I do use one of these for every hunt because I always have my phone with me. The case I use
only cost a few dollars, and I can wear it around my neck. This keeps my hands free to recover

Backpack or Finds Pouch

If you have a lot of accessories, then a backpack is a necessity. It allows you to carry all of your stuff right on your back. You can also use it to store all of the treasures that you find. That brings me to my next point, a finds pouch.

Some hunters will wear a finds pouch that hooks around their waste. I personally have never used one. I just fill my pockets with treasure!

However, there have been times when I have recovered items that were too big to keep in my
pocket. That is where the backpack comes in handy.


If you are doing some hardcore metal detecting way out in the middle of nowhere, you may find
a GPS to be very helpful. There are a few metal detectors on the market today that have built in
GPS tracking systems. I own one of them. It is a great feature, and it means I don’t need a stand
alone GPS device to weigh me down.

Metal Detector Bag or Case

A metal detector bag makes it easy to carry all of your stuff, and it gives you a little extra protection in ways you may not have thought of. Leaving an expensive metal detector in the
backseat of your car is just asking for trouble. Thieves know a good opportunity when they see
it. Putting your metal detector in a bag makes it easy to carry, and it hides it from the eyes of
those nasty thieves!

Support Strap

There are some metal detectors out there that weigh more than others. The heavier machines
can be difficult to use for extended periods of time. That is why they make support straps or
support systems. These unique straps help support some of the extra weight. This makes it so
much easier to swing your metal detector for hours.


The more expensive metal detectors on the market come with rechargeable battery packs, but it
never hurts to have a spare battery pack. You never know when yours may stop working.

The same goes for metal detectors that run on regular store bought batteries. Always make sure
you have a backup set of batteries in your backpack, metal detecting bag or finds pouch.


You have the only metal detecting book that you will ever need, and you are reading it right
now. I am just kidding with you. If you like to read, then buy as many metal detecting books as
possible. Knowledge is power. Arm yourself with plenty of metal detecting books and study
them all.

Coils and Coil Covers

Some metal detectors allow you to switch coils. If this is the case, then bringing an assortment
of different sized coils may be helpful. The same could be said of coil covers. A coil cover will prevent you from scratching your coil up. Most high end machines come with a coil cover.


You never know when you may get lost in the woods. A compass should be part of any basic
survival kit.

Magnifying Glass or Jeweler’s Loupe

This is a must have accessory, especially if your eyes are not what they used to be. (That would be me!) I carry a small jeweler’s loupe with me everywhere. They only cost a couple of dollars, and they make it so easy to read stamps or markings on jewelry. They also make it easy to see dates and fine details on finds. You can find them on Amazon, Ebay and other websites for just a few dollars.


Gloves are very important. Not only will they keep your hands warm and clean, but they will
also protect your hands from sharp objects that may be buried with your treasure.

Knee Pads

You will quickly notice that you will be spending a lot of time on your knees looking in holes. Knee pads will keep your knees comfortable and they will keep your pants from getting

If you have ever had the misfortune of kneeling on a small rock right on the edge of your knee
cap, then you will know why knee pads are necessary. Has this happened to me? Why do you
think I am suggesting you get some knee pads?

Towel or Old Shirt

There will be times when your target is buried deep in a well manicured lawn. Placing a towel
on the ground next to the hole will give you a place to put all the dirt you have to remove. I
will go into detail with images in the chapter on recovery.

Diamond Tester

Why would you need a diamond tester when you are metal detecting? You will eventually find
some diamond jewelry. A diamond tester will tell you if the stones in your treasure are authentic diamonds.

Display Case

Where else are you going to store and showcase all of your great treasures?


If you plan on doing any hunting at night, then a flashlight is a must have.

Gold Test Kit

There will be times when you find some gold jewelry. It may or may not be marked. Either way, a gold test kit will help you determine if the item is really made from gold. Most test kits come with several variants that allow you to determine the purity of your gold. For example: 10k, 14k, 18k, or pure. Be careful using these kits because they use acid in different strengths to determine what type of gold you have.

Gram Scale

A good digital gram scale will tell you exactly how much gold, silver or platinum you have.

Rain Jacket

You never know when it is going to rain.


I always like to bring a good camera with me. I will often take pictures and even record video right there on the spot when I find a piece of treasure. My cell phone doubles as a camera and
a video camera. I always carry a GoPro waterproof high definition camera with me too.


I am sure you already know this, but it is a dangerous world out there. Bring some type of protection with you while hunting, especially if you are hunting alone.

That about covers all of the accessories that you may or may not need. As you spend more time
using your metal detector, it will become obvious which accessories will become the most important to you.

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