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Top Metal Detector Brands

Competition among manufacturers is good for consumers. It gives us plenty of great choices. You will find that there are a handful of metal detector manufacturers out there, and the prices range quite dramatically from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Which metal detector brand is the best?

The best metal detector brand is the one that works for you. Pure and simple. You could buy a
top of the line metal detector with all the latest and greatest technological advancements and
still get out hunted by someone that really knows how to use a machine that costs a quarter of
what you paid. It all boils down to how well you know how to use that machine to locate
treasure, not the price, model or manufacturer.

Some people get really bent out of shape when you say one metal detector brand is better than
another. I guess they feel insulted. That is not what this next section is all about. This next section is simply to inform you about all of the great metal detector brand choices out there. I
have and still do own quite a few of these brands, and I will be sharing my personal experiences and knowledge about them. These experiences in no way mean that one machine is better than the other.

Here is an alphabetical list of the most common metal detector brands as of this writing.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors

The first land metal detector that I purchased for myself was a Bounty Hunter. It worked perfectly, and it was enough to get me hooked. Bounty Hunter machines are an excellent entry point into the great hobby of metal detecting, but why?

Most Bounty Hunter metal detectors come with a very affordable price tag. The low price tag
can be all it takes to convince someone to buy. It is the number one reason I bought mine, but Bounty Hunter machines are also effective, lightweight and relatively easy to use.

Will they find buried treasure?

Yes they will. They may not have the greatest depth or discrimination, but Bounty Hunter
machines are worth every single penny as long as you get out there and use them. I paid for
mine within two months of detecting tot lots. All of those coins add up really quick.

Who would benefit the most with a Bounty Hunter metal detector?

Bounty Hunters are great for anyone who is just starting out in the hobby. Children will love them, and their lower price tag makes them an excellent gift idea. Their simplicity also makes
them a great choice for someone who doesn’t do well with technology. There are some models
that are more advanced than others. The more advanced models do come with a learning curve.

Overall these are great entry level machines.

Detector Pro Metal Detectors

Feel like getting your feet wet? Do you want to search salt and freshwater beaches for buried
pirate treasures? If you are planning on doing some water hunting, but you don’t want to spend
a lot of money on an expensive waterproof metal detector, then a Detector Pro metal detector
might be the right choice for you. They are a lower priced entry level water hunting machine.

Metal detecting in the water is a completely different thing, and metal detecting the beach is
entirely different as well. The unique thing about this line of metal detectors is the fact that the
controls are all within the headphones. This leaves nothing but a shaft and coil to swing in the

Believe me when I say that metal detecting in the water can really tire you out. I have done it
for years. You may be able to swing a metal detector all day long on dry land, but as soon as
you submerge it, you have to deal with the resistance of the water. Having all of the controls
mounted on the shaft makes it even more difficult to swing for extended periods of time. Your
arm can and will get tired much quicker.

The Detector Pro line of metal detectors lightens the load by keeping the controls in the
This makes it easier to use these machines for extended periods of time while in
the water.

Will Detector Pro metal detectors find treasure?

They will find plenty of treasure as long as you put some time into water hunting. Who knows,
maybe you will find some lost Spanish gold or silver. It happens more often than you may
think. I may have even found a piece or eight.

Who would benefit the most with a Detector Pro metal detector?

Detector pro machines are great entry level water hunting machines. If you have the desire to get wet and find treasure, then this may be the machine for you.

Official Company Website:

Fisher or Fisher Lab Metal Detectors

There is something that can be said about Fisher metal detectors that simply can’t be said about any other metal detector manufacturer. Fisher metal detectors were the first metal detectors in existence. They got their start in a garage lab in California way back in 1931 and believe it or not the very first metal detector was born from an accident.

Fisher Labs was manufacturing aircraft navigation tools. Airline pilots noticed that these
navigation tools would create errors in bearings when close to metal objects, or if they were
used in certain areas of highly mineralized ground. These errors gave birth to the Metallascope. The world’s very first metal detector, and the rest is history!

Fast forward to today and you will find Fisher Labs is cranking out some of the best metal
on the market. Fisher currently manufactures several very affordable entry level
machines, as well as some pretty sophisticated ones too. You can find a simple entry level
machine, all purpose machines, machines designed just for coins, machines designed just for
gold and machines designed for relics.

Will Fisher Labs metal detectors find treasure?

You can’t go wrong with a Fisher. These machines will find plenty of treasure as long as you
put in the time. Fisher Labs has every type of metal detecting covered with their extensive
product line.

Who will benefit the most with a Fisher Labs metal detector?

Being that Fisher Labs have just about everything covered, these machines are great for anyone
from the first timer to the hardcore metal detecting enthusiast. The entry level machines are simple and lightweight and they find treasure. The more advanced machines are the perfect fit
for someone who knows exactly what they are looking for.

Official company website:

Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett makes some of the best metal detectors on the market. If you are new to the hobby, then Garrett has a machine for you. If you are a seasoned pro, then Garrett has got you covered as well. If you want a machine designed to find gold, then you are covered. If you want a machine that finds relics deep, Garrett has one. They have every type of metal detecting scenario covered.

I have and still own a couple of Garrett machines, and they have never let me down. 9 out of
10 metal detecting enthusiasts have and still use the infamous Garrett Pro Pinpointer, me
included. These are just a few reasons why Garrett metal detectors are so popular.

The entry level Garrett metal detectors are very affordable, and they are simple to use. Garrett
is also known for creating machines that are tough and reliable as well.

Will Garrett metal detectors find treasure?

You don’t get to be one of the most popular metal detector manufacturers in the entire world by
producing a product that doesn’t work. There are plenty of people who have found great pieces
of treasure with entry level Garrett machines. It happens more often than you may think. Garrett
metal detectors will find plenty of great treasure.

Who will benefit the most with a Garrett metal detector?

Anyone who has the desire to go out and find treasure. The entry level models are great for
kids or people who just want to get a feel for the hobby, and the more advanced models are
perfect for people who have already spent a good amount of time swinging a coil. Garrett has
the market fully covered.

Official company website:

Minelab Metal Detectors

Minelab metal detectors have some serious advantages. Minelab is a world wide company.
They have locations all over the world, and their metal detectors are some of the best on the
market. I currently own two Minelab machines and I take them with me just about every where
I go. You just never know when a good metal detecting opportunity will make itself known. I
am always prepared.

Minelab manufactures a metal detector for every purpose. They have specialty machines that
will locate gold in highly mineralized ground conditions. They have machines that will see
through iron trash and reveal gold and silver below. They have machines that are multipurpose, and they have machines that can be used deep below the surface of the ocean.

Minelab machines are favored by beach hunters all over the globe. Minelab metal detectors
work, and they work very well. It is just that simple. Some of their products simply can’t be

You will pay a higher price tag for most Minelab metal detectors, but they are worth every
penny. All it takes is one small piece of treasure to pay for your metal detector.

Will Minelab metal detectors find treasure?

I have found more pieces of treasure than I can count using my Minelab machines. Yes they do
find treasure, and at times these machines can find treasure very, very deep. I have recovered
targets over 2 feet deep with my Minelab machines on the beach. They are powerful once you
learn what they are telling you. Coins, gold, jewelry, silver and relics. I have found them all
with my Minelab metal detectors.

Who will benefit the most with A Minelab metal detector?

Anyone who uses a Minelab machine will increase their odds of finding some great treasure.
Some of the more advanced machines do have a learning curve, but once you have a good
understanding of the machine, they are hard to beat. It all boils down to knowing what that
machine is trying to tell you.

You can’t go wrong with a Minelab. They have entry level machines that are fun and easy to
use, and they have more advanced machines that will recover all sorts of treasure in different
ground conditions.

Official company website:

Teknetics Metal Detectors

Teknetics metal detectors are manufactured by First Texas Products. This is the same company
that manufactures Bounty Hunter and Fisher Labs metal detectors as well.

The Teknetics product line boasts a wide range of features with a simple turn on and go operation. Their simplicity makes them very popular. You will spend far less time trying to
learn how to use these machines and more time recovering buried treasure. Their smaller price
tag makes it very easy to jump right into the hobby of metal detecting.

Will Teknetics metal detectors find treasure?

Yes they will. Every machine from their entry level machines to their more advanced machines
that offer great pinpointing and target separation will increase your odds of finding treasure.

Who will benefit the most with A Teknetics metal detector?

Teknetics machines are great for anyone who wants to get started metal detecting without
spending a lot of money. They have some of the lowest priced machines on the market today.
While these lower priced machines will find treasure, you do get what you pay for when it
comes to metal detecting. If you are looking for a machine with a small price tag that is easy to
use, then this is it. Many Teknetic machines have the same exact features as the Bounty Hunter
machines and they are both manufactured by the same company.

Official company website:

Tesoro Metal Detectors

Tesoro makes some great metal detectors. What would you expect from a company whose
name means “treasure” in Spanish?

Tesoro has some really interesting history in the metal detecting world. Jack Gifford, the founder of the company worked for Bounty Hunter. He engineered some of their best machines, but he eventually decided to head out on his own and start Tesoro.

He had a simple goal in mind. He wanted to manufacture a metal detector that would use the
best technology, provide maximum sensitivity, be strong, rugged, lightweight and easy enough
for anyone to use them while keeping an affordable price tag.

Their first metal detector called the Deep Search VI managed to accomplish all of that and
more. Tesoro machines still manage to bring all of these qualities to the table today.

There is one thing that is truly unique about Tesoro metal detectors. At the time of this writing,
Tesoro was the only metal detector manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty on their products.
This is the reason I purchased my first Tesoro metal detector. I never had to use the warranty
and my machine put plenty of treasure in my pockets.

Will Tesoro metal detectors find treasure?

Tesoro means treasure. Of course these machines will find treasure. The entry level machines
are great at uncovering buried treasures, and some of the more advanced machines are as well.

If you own a Tesoro, you will find plenty of treasure.

Who will benefit the most with a Tesoro metal detector?

Tesoro makes a great line of metal detectors that will help anyone find some great treasure.
They are very easy to use. They weigh almost nothing. They are very affordable and they have
lifetime warranties. What else could you ask for?

Official company website:

Whites Metal Detectors

Yet another great contender in the wide world of metal detector manufacturing. Whites has
been manufacturing high quality metal detectors since 1950. All of their machines are
manufactured in their home town of Sweet Home, Oregon. That’s right, they are made in

From their entry level models to their more advanced models, Whites pretty much has the
metal detecting hobby covered. Most people who use a Whites machine never end up touching
anything else. The company’s tagline or motto just about sums it up for you. “Serious treasure
hunting that’s fun for everyone.” You can’t go wrong with a Whites metal detector.

Will a Whites metal detector find treasure?

Whites offers a metal detector for every type of metal detecting scenario, and they will all find
treasure as long as you put some time into hunting. From the rough waves of the ocean to the
coin filled tot lots, if you are swinging a Whites metal detector, then you will find some good

Who will benefit the most with a Whites metal detector?

Whites prides itself on quality, durability and ease of use. Their entry level metal detectors are
more than affordable, and they make metal detecting fun. They can be an excellent entry point
into the field of metal detecting. They also have some more advanced models that will help a
seasoned pro find even more valuable treasure. They are great for the first timer, or the
seasoned pro!

Official company website:

XP Metal Detectors

XP metal detectors have done something that no other metal detecting manufacturer has done as of this writing. They have invented the world’s first wireless metal detector. There are no
wires at all. The coil and the control box have no wires, and the headphones are wireless as
well. This makes the machine quite a bit lighter, and believe it or not wires do get tangled from
time to time. They also break. No wires means less trouble, but as of this writing only one
model is wireless.

XP metal detectors are manufactured in France, but there are plenty of great distributors all
over the globe. The people that have been lucky enough to get their hands on an XP machine
swear by it. They are amazed by its ability to locate deep treasure.

Will XP metal detectors find treasure?

To put it simply. Yes they will.

Who will benefit the most with a XP metal detector?

I would not recommend an XP machine for a first timer. These machines are geared more
towards the people who have been metal detecting for quite a while. If you don’t mind learning
as you go, then you can’t go wrong with a XP metal detector.

Official company website:

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