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Metal Detecting Communities

Just like you, there are plenty of other people out there that have the desire to dig up old treasure. Luckily, there are plenty of places where all of us can get together and exchange stories, tips and other metal detecting related stuff.

If you want to reach out and connect with other people, then the best place to start is with a local metal detecting club. There are metal detecting clubs in every state in the United States. If you are not from the United States, then you still may even be able to find a local club in your area using this method. Head over to the Internet and search for the biggest city closest to you along with the words metal detecting club.

For instance: if you live in Orlando, search for “Orlando metal detecting club” without the quotes. Almost every metal detecting club has some sort of website.

Metal detecting clubs are a great way to find hunting partners, learn about the hobby and see some of the great stuff people are finding. Metal detecting clubs will often plan group hunts as well. It can be great to get together with other people who enjoy the hobby as much as you do. You will get the opportunity to meet some older people who have been hunting for treasure for their entire life.

Online Communities

If you can’t seem to find a local club, then you are still in luck. There are several great online metal detecting communities out there where thousands of eager metal detecting enthusiasts meet every single day from all over the world to share their finds, tips and advice.

The amount of information that can be found and learned from these online communities is invaluable, and you don’t even have to take part in any of the online conversations if you don’t feel like it. You can sit on the sidelines and watch and read everything quietly.

These online communities also have sections devoted to helping you identify those pieces of treasure that you can’t seem to identify on your own. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Almost everyone in the online metal detecting community will be more than eager to help you.

I do have a word of warning though. If you have found something that is rare or extremely valuable, be cautious about posting it online. There are some people who browse these forums looking for an easy way to steal a person’s secret spots. These people are clever and they will stop at nothing to go right behind your back and hunt out an area you are trying to keep secret. There was a time when I posted pictures of great treasures that I was finding along my local beach. It was not long until I noticed more and more people at my local beach with their metal detectors. I even noticed a couple of guys started following me.

Now don’t take this the wrong way. There are far more people who are part of these online communities who are good people, and I have met and made some great friends using these online communities, but there are always a few bad apples in the bunch. Just be careful.

Here are the top communities worth checking out:
This is arguably the largest online treasure related community.
Another excellent online community full of tips and knowledgeable people who love to help.

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